Jin Wu Koon is one of Sydney’s most dedicated martial arts academies, and it is currently owned and operated by Sifu Chan Cheuk Fai. It was established over 40 years ago here in Australia, with the purpose of growing the Jin Wu Koon style. Since then, the Jin Wu Koon style has grown and evolved through the generations with the sole purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the techniques utilised in the discipline.

At JWK we offer a range of martial arts training including Muay Thai, Kick Boxing,and Kung Fu. Our professional trainers are committed to helping our students progress, no matter what their fitness goals are. Sifu Cheuk-Fai first came to Australia in 1974, where opened the first Jin Wu Koon dojo in China Town. Now located in Chippendale, Sydney, the world-class facility caters to students of all levels. During his pioneering career, Cheuk-Fai has competed in many high-level martial arts tournaments and even starred along top Hollywood actors in major blockbuster productions.



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