For All Ages & Abilities

At Jin Wu Koon, Sifu Chan Cheuk Fai has been teaching martial arts for nearly 40 years. He and the JWK team welcome all levels from complete beginners to advanced fighters of all ages. We provide a safe environment for both men and women to train and get the most out of the time they spend with us whether it be for fitness, self-confidence, or go all the way and compete. With an experienced staff, JWK is a stand out martial arts studio for Sydney residents looking to get in shape or prepare for upcoming bouts in the ring.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is widely regarded as a martial art that utilizes some of the most devastating striking techniques. Known as ‘the art of 8 limbs’, Muay Thai employs striking techniques from both left and right punches, elbows, knees and kicks. Muay Thai also uses stand up grappling techniques from a position known as the clinch, or the ‘plum’ in Thai. From here fighters battle for dominate position to throw, trip, or strike their opponents with knees to the body and short elbows to the head.

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K1 & Kickboxing

As well as traditional Muay Thai, we also offer some of the most comprehensive kickboxing classes Sydney has to offer. For two forms of martial arts that may appear similar form the outside, Kickboxing, K1 and Muay Thai rules and technique differ rather substantially. At JWK, Sifu Chan Cheuk Fai and our highly skilled trainers can talk you through these differences to help you prepare for either rule set.

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Kung Fu

At Jin Wu Koon, the head coach and owner Sifu Chan Cheuk Fai has almost 40 years experience teaching martial arts to students from all over the world. With his background in Kung Fu and Karate, Sifu Chan is one of most respected martial arts in Australia and a Master of the unique form of Shaolin Jin Wu Koon Kung Fu pioneered by his father, Grand Master Keng Wan – an orphaned child who was adopted by the great Tai San Sifu Ng Serng, the Master of the Hong Ga Fist style.

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Kickboxing and Muay Thai for women are excellent martial disciplines to improve cardio and strengthen the body. The mental and physical hurdles presented during training also prepare the mind for adversity and help build self-confidence. More and more women are turning to martial arts to get in shape, build confidence, and even compete. So not matter whether you’re simply looking for a fun workout, or you’d like to learn how to protect yourself in dangerous situations, JWK host the best girls Muay Thai classes Sydney has to offer.

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Maybe group classes aren’t your thing or you’re looking for a more intensive one to one training experience, whatever it is … Team JWK has you covered with private training sessions – where you have the complete undivided attention of one of JWK’s experienced trainers. Whether you’re a beginner with no experience or you’re looking to increase your fitness, tweak your technique or prep for a fight, Jin Wu Koon’s trainers will take you to the next level, guiding & motivating you to achieve your goals.

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You’re never too young to start learning martial arts, and at Jin Wu Koon we offer children’s programs specially designed to help the younger generation develop the techniques. You’re never too young to start learning martial arts, and at Jin Wu Koon we offer children’s programs specially designed to help the younger generation develop the techniques, self-confidence and discipline that is afforded to practitioners of self-defense.

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