FREE TRIAL: Everyone who is considering starting training Muay Thai or Kung Fu is welcome to join us for a free trial. Gloves will be supplied for one week then you will need to purchase or rent.

REGISTRATION: The students can self-register online to expedite the process, but the registration must be completed at reception (at reception you will be asked to give further details, signature and a photo for records).

ENROLLMENT: We offer different types of membership; the enrolment can be done in person, on our website or through or the Zen Planner app.

CHECK-IN: All students must check-in before every class, even during the free trial. The check-in can be done at reception or online through the app.

PAYMENTS: For unlimited memberships, the payments will be taken fortnightly through direct debit or credit card. Payments for 10 pass; casual or private training memberships are paid up front. $14 fee will be charged for bounced payments.

UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT: For a Muay Thai class all that is required is the wearing of comfortable clothes, however, you will need to use some equipment (e.g. gloves, shin pads, focus pads). We will supply all the equipment you need except gloves that you have to purchase or rent at reception. For Kung Fu classes GIs are required.

RENEWAL: Each membership has it`s own length. Unlimited memberships are renewed automatically but pass memberships are renewed manually. No fees are charged for renewals.

SUSPENSIONS: A minimum of two weeks notice is required. The suspension request must specify the amount of time that membership has to be put on hold. The payment will resume automatically at the end of the hold, so it is your responsibility to extend it if you need. If you can’t specify the length of the hold you need to cancel your membership.

CANCELATIONS: A minimum of two weeks notice is required. When a membership is cancelled the student is no longer considered a member of the gym, but considering your history with us we only charge half of joining fee if you decides to come back.

We believe it is important that all students are aware of our policy. We encourage students to read the rules below and to contact us if there is any question.

GYM ETIQUETTE: To guarantee a safe and tidy environment for all it is important to fallow those procedures: Never wear shoes on the mat and always wear shoes off the mat to avoid contamination; When borrowing or renting gloves always wear cotton gloves underneath it; Keep the passages clear; Store the equipment back after use it.

LOST PROPERTY: Take care of your belongings all the time. We have lost property bin but it is empty regularly.

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